Gift of Giving

I have always enjoyed finding and giving unique gifts. For me, a year-round sport because ideas can present themselves in unexpected ways at any time. Casual conversations are a significant source for discovering interests that I am unconsciously cataloging for later use. The real magic happens when I encounter an object when going about my daily business, knowing that it will make the perfect gift for someone special.

My approach is not seasonal and certainly does not fit into the cyber-5 schedules. It takes time and discipline to be fully present and observant when spending time with family and friends.  I try and approach gift-giving as a chance to demonstrate that I am listening and thinking about what will bring them joy.  It also removes substantial stress out of what is already a hectic time of year.

Perhaps it makes sense that one of my favorite things about being a maker is preparing for the holidays. It all starts with brainstorming and browsing in January.  Although it is casual at first, I like to get my Fall/Winter orders in before the first day of Spring. Planning and timing were especially critical this year due to the supply chain disruptions related to the pandemic.

For those of you that do not start your holiday shopping right after Christmas, have no fear. Below is a list of our best-sellers that will make it easy to deliver great gifts this holiday season. As always, orders $50 and over ship for free.

Coiled Rope Spa Basket

The timeless silhouette of the coiled rope basket perfectly accommodates this 6 piece spa gift set. We only use 100% essential oils to scent our products and it makes a difference.  Set includes: sugar scrub, body butter, 2 bars soap, lavender linen spray, dry brush.


Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Form meets function in this beautiful wood grain diffuser.  The diffuser uses high-frequency low-energy vapor technology to create vibrations to break the oil into tiny micro-particles without using any kind of heat.  A wonderful way to enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy in your home or office. Gift-wrapped and includes 100% essential oil of your choice.


Creature Comforts Crate

The nautical-inspired wooden crate is packed full of our all-natural best sellers and can be customized to boot. Just pick out your favorite scent profiles and we will take care of the rest. Gift set includes: sugar scrub, body butter, 2 bars soap, lavender linen spray.
Holiday Home Spa Box

Our classic navy and white plaid Holiday Spa boxes contain everything needed to deliver the gift of self-care this year.  Topped with wooden nautical ornament while supplies last. Includes your choice of body butter, sugar scrub, soap, lavender linen spray, and an all-natural palm, dry brush. 


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