Coffee Spice soap
Coffee Spice soap
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Coffee Spice soap

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Pairing single source Sumatra with nutmeg and clove essential oils creates a hard-working bar that smells amazing.  Coffee is a natural deodorizer making this bar essential in the kitchen for eliminating food odors from hands. 

You'll first notice the spicy middle note of nutmeg mingling with the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee.  As you lather, the clove base note emerges to create an addictive addition to your daily routine. 

Scent Profile:  Spicy, sweet, earthy. 

Our Promise:  We keep it simple by only adding what’s needed to provide you with an amazing home spa experience. All of our small batch products contain only natural ingredients.

Ingredients:  Palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, brewed coffee, coffee, nutmeg, and clove essential oil, ground coffee.

Size:  4 oz. bar