I spent the first 40 years of my life trying to manage the symptoms of multiple misdiagnosed skin issues. In the last 10 years the situation became intolerable. My skin was in a constant state of compromise. Itchy rashes and dry patches that were once limited to my hands, started to appear on my legs, arms and my face.

My primary care provider gave me a steroid prescription and referrals to several specialists. Several causes were ruled out by an allergist. After two biopsies, skin analysis, months of light therapy and a pain-staking review of my personal products-no relief. My dermatologist helped me to manage the symptoms by prescribing an immune inhibitor. Like steroids, it felt like a miracle at first, but still didn’t get to the bottom of the issue.

Ultimately, the mystery was solved with a simple test. The irony is that it was my hair-dresser that recommended it. She had experienced similar symptoms and had finally gotten a definitive diagnosis. The test we both got is called T.R.U.E. TEST® which is a ready-to-use patch test for diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis.

The test involved an office visit, where the panels were applied to my back. I returned within 3 days to get my results. The test showed that I was severely sensitive to both Isothiazolinone and Bronopol. The diagnosis was the beginning of a life-changing journey for me.

Armed with the names of the culprits, I started by researching what was already in my house. It was everywhere:  shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face-cream, mascara, foundation, mouthwash, dish-soap, laundry detergent, cleaning products and more. I was under attack in my own home! Everything had to go.

Next, I had to replace my products. It was more challenging than I imagined. The reality is that most commercially produced products contain harsh chemicals that are included to extend shelf life and profits. In my case, there’s no safe exposure, so I needed to find alternatives.

Sources of clean, chemical free products were not easy to find and that was the inspiration for Seaworthy Naturals. Whether you have sensitive skin, or you just don’t want to use products made from chemicals that you can’t pronounce, you deserve better. All our products are made in small batches, from real ingredients.

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